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The SETAC was founded by engineers and technicians with over 10 years experience in industrial maintenance, in order to offer technical services to rope access. We carry out work at height using regulated alpinists techniques. Offering to our customers, repair, installation and maintenance of equipment and surfaces in hard to reach places, through our specialized professional team, ready to meet the various needs of the industry.

Located in João Neiva/ES - Brazil, in a highly regarded companies center, the SETAC works in full compliance to government regulations and internal procedures of customers.


Be the largest and most reputable company works in height in Brazil, and always stay ahead in the main questions that a company that works with risk requirements: security, commitment and quality.


Provide rope access services, with full social and environmental responsibility, working safely and profitably, contributing to the development of the company, the people who work in it, thus achieving customer satisfaction.

Our Services

Boiler services and welding tanks, boilers, pressure vessels and metal tanks;
Paintings buildings, chimneys, broadsides and various metal structures;
Installation of industrial machinery and equipment;
Maintenance platforms and floating structures;
Building maintenance, cleaning glass;
Repairs in thermal insulation;
Inspections in compliance with NR 13;
Tagging and identification of lines and equipment;

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Avenida Hélio Guasti s/nº - Centro Industrial - João Neiva - ES (Rod. BR 101 - Km 204)

+55 (27) 3258-3885

+55 (27) 9 9707-8564

E-mail: comercial@setacindustrial.com.br

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